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A lot of people think our voice is our voice – we have the voice we are born with and we cannot change it. This is not true! While we are born with a particular instrument, a lot goes into forming the way we use it. Sometimes it is subconscious habit (more than our anatomy) that dictates the way we sound. A speaking voice coach (different than a singing coach) can help you change the quality of your voice to better reflect who you are. I can help you:

Match your vocal image to other elements of your image

Change the timbre or quality of your voice

Sound higher or lower (and you may be surprised to learn the ways we do this)

Decrease vocal strain

Project your voice with ease

Command a space

Engage your listeners

Have the stamina to talk for many hours a day

This is only scratching the surface of the things that a speaking voice coach can do, but hopefully it starts you thinking about the possibilities. If there is something you wish was different about your voice, no matter how unrealistic it seems, there is probably something I can help you with.