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Do you ever feel tired, sore, or strained from talking? Does it ever become a chore to talk at the end of the day? Chances are, it’s related to the way you use your voice muscles.

The two major behaviors that lead to vocal strain are: 1) Not exhaling with enough air when you talk, and 2) Inadvertently tensing some of the muscles in your neck, throat, and mouth.

The human voice is a wind instrument – a solid exhale is required to make sound. If you don’t use enough breath, the muscles in your throat tense up tp try and “help” push out the sound. That leads to strain, fatigue, and pressure. There are a ton of reasons why you might not use enough air when you talk, including holding your abs so tight you can’t take deep enough breaths. See my previous post “Breathing From the Diaphragm is BS” for more info.

It takes about 100 muscles to speak a word. Isn’t that crazy? There are a lot of opportunities to accidentally hold tension, especially since so many of the muscles are tiny and we aren’t even aware of them. They are the “Who Knew? muscles” – who knew they were even there, much less tense? A lot of voice coaching is about learning where you are inadvertently holding tension, and learning how to replace it with freedom.

So if you want to check out your technique and get some tips for talking with more ease, click here to make an appointment!

Of course it is also possible that there is something physical irritating your vocal cords (like silent acid reflux, allergies, or mild dehydration), which makes it harder to talk without strain. If you feel you might have some physical issues, visit your friendly neighborhood Voice Center for a medical assessment and nip it in the bud.