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First of all, I’m sorry to hear that, Second, I bet it sounds better than you think.

You don’t hear your voice the way others do. We hear most things from the outside-in (air conduction). Sound waves cause vibrations in the air, which vibrates the eardrum and sends information to the brain. We hear our own voices largely from the inside-out (bone conduction). The vibrations in your head send information to your brain through your bones. Naturally, these different ways of hearing result in different perceptions of your voice.

So yeah, when you hear a recording of your voice, that’s pretty close to how your voice sounds to other people. It’s not exact, as voice recordings do alter the voice and eliminate certain elements of it. But it’s closer than what you hear inside your own head. Once you get used to that idea, you can start to hear your voice for what it is: a beautiful (yes it is) vehicle for you to express yourself and communicate with the world around you.

The idea that “my voice” is a single, unchangeable thing is inaccurate. The human voice is hugely versatile, and we use it in specific ways as a result of a myriad of factors (see my earlier post, “Yes, you CAN change your voice!” for more about that). Your voice is such a personal, integral, beautiful (I’m doubling down on your voice being beautiful!) part of who you are and how you express yourself. Make friends with it. Come to appreciate it. Love it.

As always, a good voice coach can help you find a version of your voice that you love. Email me to learn more.