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Testimonials for Kate DeVore

Read what clients are saying about their voice coaching experiences with Kate:

I came to Kate for speech therapy because my speaking voice sounded very cartoonish. I felt I wasn’t making an accurate first impression both professionally and in my dating life. Kate was able to help me develop my voice in a way that is professional and clear without sounding fake or taking away my personality. Kate keeps coaching sessions upbeat and fun which made it easy to keep up with the program. An unexpected side benefit is now that I’m speaking more efficiently, I can project my voice effortlessly during presentations.

— Heather C., System Engineer

After spending years working in Chicago’s small storefront theaters, I was cast in a role in an 800 seat theater.  In preparation to perform in this space, I worked with Kate and she helped me to use my voice in a healthy, relaxed, and focused way which allowed me to perform eight shows a week without the strain and hoarseness that was my norm prior to working with her.  Her voice coaching felt wise, specific for my needs, and was helpful from the first session on.

—Guy M., Actor

My time with Kate in voice coaching has been restorative for both my body and soul. Her integrative style, expansive knowledge, and smart exercises have definitely exceeded the two voice therapists I have had previously.

—Rebecca B, student of Sociology

Whenever I have an audition that requires a dialect, my first call is to Kate. She is patient and kind and understands how my voice works and how to help me make the required sound changes.  I leave the session every time feeling confident and prepared! 

—M.R., Actress

Kate helped me a  great deal with my Midwest twang and my lazy talk. She made me very aware of some proper speaking techniques.  She didn’t make feel like this was a formal classroom, just fun and some hard work thrown in. If you need help, she is the person to go to. Thanks Kate.

— Maggie J.

Kate has an unique talent for listening and teaching. I have been trying to improve my accent for years and have progressed immensely and quickly since I started working with Kate. She is generous, has a great upbeat energy and it is always a pleasure to learn from her.  I cannot recommend Kate enough.

— Alice D., Actor

I noticed my voice starting to fail when I went to a new church and tried singing along with the choir. Since casual singing had always been a joyful part my life, I was not pleased with the weak and flabby condition of my vocal cords!  Working with Kate became something I really looked forward to because she was knowledgeable, patient and inspiring. I see her as my vocal psychologist and guru because she gave me the tools to keep my voice fit. I feel younger and enjoy singing again.  Five stars for Kate.

—Margo M., Retired from Nonprofit Management and Leadership

Kate’s warmth, positivity, and support not only helped me become proficient with dialects but helped me gain confidence as an actor. Her attention to detail opened doors to new character discoveries, allowing for deeper exploration. Kate is an extremely gifted coach who helped me break through my dialect blocks, allowing me to overcome my obstacles.

—Mary F., Actor

I was referred to Kate by my ENT doctor after a bout with laryngitis which caused me to experience difficulty singing.  Kate immediately put my mind at ease and explained using clear examples what was going on with my voice and how the problem could be remedied. Within a few sessions and through following through on Kate’s “homework assignments”, my voice returned and is stronger than ever.  Kate is very patient, caring, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.   I highly recommend her.

— Marianne, Homemaker

Kate’s knowledge on speech therapy is impressive. Before working with her, I was convinced there was not much to be done as to improve a native foreign accent. Kate’s technique has proven me wrong. After just a few lessons I could already notice improvement and after a few months of studying with Kate, my agent took notice of my progress. Her lessons are well structured and time is spent very efficiently. I’m confident to say hiring Kate was one of the best investment I made for my career thus far.

—Flavia B., Actress

I’ve been doing talk therapy on and off for 20 years.  I’ve gotten a lot out of it in terms of positive energy, understanding, and just plain better social skills.  But even after all of that good work, two sessions with Kate have opened doors to happiness and deeper understanding in areas that, until now, I thought were best just left alone.

— Julia Heckman, Chicago


You will be in good and capable hands when you seek Kate’s counsel. She is perceptive, intelligent, caring, and has one hell of a powerful voice! Her ebullient enthusiasm, good heart, and gentle caring create an atmosphere that combines both safety and humor, making it easy to open up, and have a great time doing it.

— Joy Gardner, director of the Vibrational Healing Program, author of The Healing Voice


Kate is absolutely brilliant.  Her multi-level intelligence, spanning across both physical and meta-physical science, beautifully compliments her stellar interpersonal prowess, artistic instinct, and fantastic ability to quickly gain a healing perspective.  She has a tremendous store of facilitative activities which enable her clients to realize their personal goals.  I have been enriched by Kate’s buoyancy, as she is a light, fun and delightful person who is easy to trust.  I have been inspired by her own goal realization, as she is a living example of her work.  I live a more present existence as a direct result of my work with her.  Without doubt, Kate’s work is relevant, potent, and entirely appropriate for anyone needing a boost in his or her personal growth.

— Starr Cookman, Voice and Speech Pathologist, University of Connecticut Voice and Speech Clinic, Farmington, Connecticut


In my opinion, Kate DeVore is an excellent voice therapist/coach for actors and other public speakers.  In addition to having solid training and experience which combines both voice science and practical theatre, Kate has several personal characteristics which complement her skill and knowledge:  she is bright, energetic, compassionate and funny.  When she served as my intern at the American Repertory Theatre at Harvard University, she exhibited both deep competence and an appreciation for the realities of acting that enabled her to serve our needs quite effectively.

— Bonnie Raphael, Head of Professional Actor Training Program University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Kate exudes healing.  She IS healing.  She heals because she exists.  She brings healing to everything she touches or encounters.  Always been that way, always will be.  Her dedication to the formal work of healing has only deepened her innate skills, which are part of who she is.

— Kittie Verdolini, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School


Kate is fantastic–as a healer, counselor, and friend!  When she has done sessions for me,  I have found her consistently patient, sensitive to her client’s needs, and beautifully insightful.  My life is much richer for knowing her!

— Karen McDaniel, Dayton, Ohio


Kate has helped me discover and celebrate my true self.  She has amazing insight and compassion.  I have great respect and admiration for Kate’s natural talent, intelligence, passion, and creativity.  Her positive energy is both healing and contagious!

— Amy Wink, Roscoe, Illinois


I have learned so much from Kate.  Her genuine interest in each of her clients and their achieving a sense of “wholeness” is so inviting and warm.  In most of our sessions, Kate has been the ideal conduit or conductor for helping me release pain, tension, anxiety, fear, etc. in a way that makes me feel like I’m doing a lot of the work, and I am therefore very satisfied with the results.

— Jay White, San Francisco, California


Kate’s deep spiritual connection to life is matched by her enormous intelligence, curiosity, sense of humor and generosity towards all who cross her path.

— Barbara Adrian, New York City


Kate has a strong gravitational pull.  One cannot help but be attracted to her infectious laughter, her deep empathy, and her sincere love. Wonderfully gifted as a therapist, she has an alarming sense of what is real. — Miriam Van Mersbergen, Minneapolis, Minnesota   As a healer: Kate has powers of insight that I never knew another human being could possess. During healing sessions, she literally described images to me that had formed in my mind, but I had not yet described out loud. She created a safe and loving environment in which I learned to draw strength from the universe to heal myself. The abundance of her capacity to give is so huge that, even months after a healing session, I feel that I can call on energetic connections we have formed to continue to heal myself in her physical absence. As a teacher: She taught me practically everything I know about being a clinician, and about combining the whole of my being to heal the whole of another being, and I had no idea she was ever teaching me anything. In the entire time she was my supervisor, I’m not sure she ever said a word. As a therapist: Energetic. Joyful. Skilled.  Magic.

— Soha Al-Jurf, West Hartfort, Connecticut

Kate works locally in Chicago, Illinois or online via Skype.

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