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Significant data supports the fact that improved mind-body balance can enhance physical health, mental focus, and overall well-being.

Kate DeVore is an experienced Reiki Master teacher who practices various forms of meditation, healing and mind-body work to help both individuals and small groups achieve elevated states of peace and balance. With warmth, kindness and a sense of fun, she combines this holistic approach with her background in science and the arts. Her offerings include:

Reiki Sessions

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) means “universal life-force energy”. This gentle yet powerful work opens blocked channels of energy flow, and helps to reconnect the recipient to their own universal life force.  Reiki is similar to Therapeutic Touch.  Participants lay down fully clothed, and the practitioner gently lays hands on or above the recipient to act as a conduit for energy transfer.  People typically describe feelings of great peace and relaxation, and often report images or insights that are very meaningful.  The energy can work on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Guided Meditation

You are guided through various forms of meditation around a topic or theme. We either choose the theme in advance or we see what emerges during the session. Examples of possible topics include: balance, habits, burnout, health, boundaries, nurturing, creativity, intimacy, and feeling love. No matter the topic, it is likely that you will gain meaningful insight as well as feel relaxed, centered, and grounded.

Stress Management

Understand where stress comes from, how it affects the body, and what we can do to reverse the Stress Response. Techniques include meditation, journaling, energy work, discussion, breath work, and guided visualization.

Learn to Meditate at Home

Learn the principles of meditation and sample several different meditation techniques to see what resonates with you.

Reiki Training

You don’t have to be a professional healer to benefit from being able to channel Reiki energy. It makes your energy stronger, speeds healing of pain in yourself and others, and enhances your well-being and that of everyone you share it with. Learn the principles of Reiki and be attuned to channel Reiki energy. Levels I, II, and III available.

Other Healing Services

Kate offers a variety of healing modalities, ranging from spiritual journey work to goal setting to more esoteric offerings.  Please ask for more information if you are seeking.


Contact Kate for more information, or to create something to delight and enhance your wellness or that of a small group of your friends!

energy work

“Deep down below the surface of the average conscience is a still, small voice that tells us something is out of tune.”

—Carl Jung