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Vocal Training Products

In addition to her proven, one-on-one training sessions, Kate DeVore offers a range of vocal training products and solutions, including:


 The Voice Book: Caring for, Protecting and Improving Your Voice

More than 30 million Americans rely on their voices for their jobs—from teachers, religious leaders, and entertainers to lawyers, executives, salespeople, and doctors. A controlled voice increases self-confidence and enhances charisma, approachability, and trustworthiness. Yet an astounding 30 percent of professionals develop preventable vocal problems that could ruin their careers. And most do not know that both the quality and tone of one’s voice can be changed. This book provides easy exercises and advice for anyone who speaks or sings for a living. It includes a CD.


Accent modification:  General American Accent 

Dialect coaching for actors: Accent Help


Love Your Voice Vocal Seminar


YouWontBelieveWhatIAteLastNight  . . . for something completely different.

Everybody needs someone who gets them. Everybody needs someone who understands what they are going through. And everybody needs practical, real-life techniques.  As anyone who has struggled with weight gain, weight loss, and weight management knows, it can be a never-ending conversation. This is OUR ongoing conversation. We hope you join us and our community in the conversation to encourage, inspire, and inform everyone so they can find their own unique language.

Dialect Training and Vocal Training Products

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