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 Vocal Training by Kate DeVore



Your voice is a dynamic instrument, capable of expansive growth and change.

My training is designed to help you begin or continue your journey to an efficient, strong and effective voice.

Learn to freely express your own natural sound in any way you wish.

My goal is to help you get your voice working like a beautiful, well-oiled machine—without stress, without strain.

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Includes audio recordings to help you speak like an American.

What clients say about vocal training with Kate:

I was referred to Kate DeVore after being diagnosed with severe laryngitis and paresis of the right vocal cord. I had trouble producing my voice, and I was afraid of losing my capacity to teach and lecture. The day we met, I told Kate, half jokingly, that my voice was my soul, and Kate replied that for that reason she liked so much her work as a speech therapist. It was obvious to me from the beginning that she enjoyed every minute of her work and was an extraordinary professional.

—Graciela Reyes, Professor, University of Illinois, Chicago

Kate was absolutely instrumental in helping me overcome an array of obstacles that were standing in the way of my becoming a yoga teacher after retiring from a career as a lawyer. She gave me advice and exercises that allowed me to overcome chronic hoarseness, incorrect use of my breath, vocal folds that couldn’t join and made my speech breathy, poor vocal resonance, sloppy diction, failure to maintain eye contact, and serious stage fright. I cannot say enough about the breadth and depth of Kate’s knowledge and her ability to convey it.

—David C., Retired trial lawyer and certified Iyengar yoga instructor

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