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MASTER YOUR ACCENT. accent modification

Communication problems resulting from foreign accents can be very costly. Accent modification training with Total Voice can help you modify your accent, so people focus on what you are saying, not how you are saying it. Many companies have diversified their employee base by hiring people from around the globe. The next step is making these employees feel included by helping them communicate with English speakers easily. When people learn English, the American accent is not usually part of the training.

Benefits of Total Voice Accent Modification:

  • Learn General American dialect for use in business
  • No need to “lose” your own dialect or identity
  • Turn General American on and off as needed
  • Communicate with ease and confidence in any setting
  • For Americans and non-native speakers

A typical program involves an evaluation (during which we establish the target areas for work) and 8-12 sessions, depending on your needs. We address individual speech sounds as well as stress and intonation patterns of American English. Individualized practice materials are provided.

Total Voice Accent Modification Training includes:

  • Customized training materials
  • Pre- and post- course assignment
  • Understanding of General American (non-accented) speech
  • Knowledge of components of a dialect (speech sounds, sound replacement, and Inflection)
  • Understanding of his/her own dialect and how it compares to General American
  • Ear training to distinguish characteristics of dialects
  • Ability to to produce most or all sounds in General American
  • Experience manipulating and exploring voice and speech
  • Instructions for continued work after course completion
  • Confidence in communicating with others
  • Ability to produce all sounds in General American dialect
  • Ability to produce vocal placement of General American dialect
  • Ability to converse in General American dialect
  • Enhanced vocal quality
  • Ability to generalize General American to all settings, personal and professional
  • Knowledge of General American intonation patterns
  • Vocal strength and variety
  • Breathing training for speech and stress reduction

To learn more or schedule a consultation, contact Kate DeVore.

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“Words are beautiful but restricted. Voice comes from a part of yourself that simply knows, expresses itself and is.”

—Jeff Buckley